Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Milo Yiannopoulos destroyed by Emily Grossman in a debate

I just watched the 10-minute debate between Milo Yiannopoulos and Emily Grossman on the scandal surrounding Tim Hunt. It was stunning. Yiannopoulos uttered a stream of unsupported and inflamattory nonsense, and Grossman just dismantled him with facts. I know I would have lost my composure and temper in a debate with him, but Grossman magically remained professional and unfazed by his debate theatrics.

To be honest, I felt slightly bad for Yiannopoulos. Grossman so eloquently and forcefully showed him to be a fool and a clown, it's impossible to watch without sympathy for him. I even heard a rumor that Yiannopoulos cried after the debate and asked for it not to be aired. (Can anyone confirm if this is true or not?)

However, after the debate, in an attempt to recover and spin his poor performance for personal benefit, he wrote Why do feminists cook up stories about misogyny when they lose debates? This is the part where my sympathy for Yiannopoulos evaporates. When you lose a debate, admit it and move on. Write a blog post apologizing for stupid and offensive stuff you said, admit that Grossman destroyed you, and try to do better next time.


  1. Judging a debate is inherently subjective. No formula for determining a winner. I don't know who "won" this particular debate as that is always a biased opinion. But Milo declared himself as the WINNER, so I have as much right to say he lost it.

    The point of my post is simple. Milo just makes up stuff when debating. So I felt I could just write anything too. So liberating when you don't bother with truth and facts. And so effective in debating!

  2. I watched the video not knowing either of the debaters before hand nor their opposing views and I left questioning why you thougt that Milo lost "so miserably". I'm not argueing with your point I just want some analysis of the video and why you think so strongly that he lost (which I don't)